Strong and Silent

Ever since a young age, boys were taught to suppress their feelings and hide emotions to look and seem tougher. It’s a cultural thing, and is shared in the following article;

“If you look at how suicide rates have changed, […] you can see that it’s cultural. […] And this is what is so troubling about male suicide. Women are actually more likely to suffer from depression, but more likely to seek help when they encounter trouble.” – Owen Jones.

In the article written by Picard, he states that men’s suicide occurs much more frequently than women; not only because they use much more violent means, but also because “men do not seek help and spiral into despair, hopelessness and self harm.” I believe that the lack of support of men seeking help in society is a major cause of why men do not deal with mental illnesses as well as women do today.

When he first told his father that he was depressed, he told him to “get over it”. It wasn’t just relatives: doctors told him to “get on with it” as well. When a doctor finally referred him to psychiatric care, Meads faced a six-week wait before finally being seen by a community liaison officer. […] It’s a general feeling, evident in the fact that so many men commit suicide, because they’re not living up to this mythical idea.” – Owen Jones.

This article relates to the one Andre Picard had written, both expressing that the fact that men will stay silent (even when in dire need); they do not choose to speak out due to societal standards of men having to constantly suppress their emotions.


4 thoughts on “Strong and Silent

  1. I really like the way you structured this post, the use of direct quotes helps back up what you are arguing. In addition, you have some very intriguing insights on this subject matter.

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